Duchess Silk Satin- The Timeless Fabric

Duchess silk satin has made its name prominently in the fashion industry. And for good reason, the fabric is luxuriously silky and drapes beautifully, the crisp and heavy feel of the fabric makes it ideal for bridal and evening wear.

As the industry of textiles is evolving the ways in which duchess silk is used has divirsed exceptionally. It has now made its name for creating furniture, wall hangings , bedding and luxury menswear. 

Although the popularity of the fabric has created a lot of dupes in the market. The silk is adulterated and so is the stiffness and natural qualities of the fabric. In this article we shall see the properties of authentic duchess silk satin.


Authentic duchess satin fabric should have a smooth and soft feel to the touch. The weave should be tight and even, without any rough or uneven areas.


Duchess satin is prized for its glossy appearance. A high-quality duchess satin will have a lustrous sheen that reflects light beautifully, giving the fabric a luxurious look. 

Colour Payoff

A high quality duchess satin should have a beautiful colour payoff. Whether it’s in soft pastel colours or in darker hues for evening wear, the colour of the fabric should be consistent throughout. 

Wrinkle Resistance 

While most satins do wrinkle to some extent, a good quality duchess satin should have some level of wrinkle resistance, especially when it’s used for formal attire and decor where a crisp appearance is desired.    

Quality Of The Finish

Pay attention to the finish of the fabric, a well made duchess satin should have a smooth finish with no fraying or loose threads in the end. 


Considering the high gloss finish of the fabric, the duchess satin should allow a certain extent of breathability to ensure comfort when worn.

Below are the most eminent ways in which duchess satin is used;

The Bridal World

For brides seeking timeless elegance on their special day, duchess satin is a perennial favourite. Its smooth surface captures the light in a beautiful way that enhances the bride’s beauty as she glides down the aisle. From classic ball gowns to sleek sheath dresses, duchess satin adds an element of luxury to any bridal attire, ensuring that every bride feels like royalty on her wedding day.

The Allure of Evening-wear

Beyond bridal attire, duchess satin has made its name for evening-wear designs. From red carpet gowns to cocktail dresses, its rich texture and lustrous sheen make it the fabric of choice for those seeking to make a statement. Whether in bold tones or soft pastels, duchess satin exudes sophistication, ensuring that the wearer commands attention wherever they go.

Interior Decor

Over the years, duchess satin has made its name prominent in the interior design and homemaking aspects. The fabric is used heavily for tapestry, wall hangings and upholstery to add a touch of sophistication.  


In a world where trends come and go, duchess satin remains a timeless symbol of sophistication. From bridal couture to high-end interiors, its smooth texture, lustrous sheen, and impeccable drape continues to captivate designers and enthusiasts alike. Whether it’s crafting a dream wedding gown or cultivating a rich living space, duchess satin embodies the core essence of timeless grace, ensuring its prominence is here to stay. We at RaaHaa Fabrics take absolute pride in catering to only the finest quality of pure mulberry duchess silk satin for your bridal and evening wear requirements. We at RaaHaa Fabrics stand firm in our conviction to only provide supreme quality of bridal resources to our clients. Enquire us to get more details on duchess silk satin and other silk varieties of silk fabrics as we would be happy to assist you!

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White Wedding Market: Where It All Started

A wedding embarks the most special day for a bride. The dreams, the planning and the little girl who finally is embodying her dream of being a bride come true. 

Every gown, every body, every curve is different and to find “the dress” which doesn’t scream a yes! But gently taps your heart and whispers, “this is the one”. Picking out a wedding dress can be equally overwhelming and a thrilling experience for a bride. And in today’s article, we are going back to where it all started. 

How the history and the complete magical euphoria of it shapes a bride’s dream today.

1. Queen Victoria – 1840

Victoria is known to set two iconic trendsetters for fashion. Wearing black for mourning and white for her wedding to Prince Albert on 10th February 1840. White was something which was worn by women who were being presented at court. Women saved their best dressed gowns for their wedding which did not have a distinct colour. Royal weddings conducted before her, brides wore a variety of hues with red being the most prominent colour used. 

Of course in China red is considered for good luck and prosperity, due to which most brides to this day wear red and prefer to wear white at receptions. Queen Victoria’s dress was constructed from Spitalfields cream silk-satin, adorned with a flounce of Honiton lace gracing the neckline and sleeves, the dress maintains its status as the quintessential Western wedding gown silhouette, featuring a slender waist, voluminous crinoline petticoat, and delicate lace details. 

The queen wanted to show off her lace and its intricacy and her dress is still considered an icon. Queen Victoria even made sure to burn her dress so that it couldn’t be copied or recreated according to Vogue. Wedding gowns are known to be worn just one time today which wasn’t the case for Victoria. She bought hers for several occasions due to which it created a new wave of symbolism. The colour gradually signified wealth, purity and innocence. 

The aftermath of the second world war made clothing cheaper to produce and the white one- time wedding dress with a lavish wedding ceremony became an eminent factor of getting married.  

Ever since then, the wedding of famous iconic actresses and royal weddings have shaped and cemented the way we see bridal gowns as a statement piece of fashion.

2. Elizabeth Taylor – 1950

Elizabeth’s wedding gown in 1950 consisted of a sheer neckline with lace detailing, a tulle veil and a fuller skirt. This was her first wedding to Conrad “Nicky” Hilton Jr. Her following weddings were she wore outfits which were not “traditional white” but beautiful nonetheless. Although, her first gown still remains to be iconic. 

3. Princess Grace and Prince Rainer of Monaco – 1956

In 1956, photographs of Grace Kelly’s wedding gown were released creating a storm of demand around the world. Her dress was adorned with lace, silk, pearls and tulle which are some of the major fabric choices of today’s brides. (More below).

Princess Grace set up a trend with her gorgeous wedding gown. Her wedding look consisted of a snatched waist, a bell- shaped  skirt and intricate lace veil with a headpiece. Her dress has inspired so many brides today with most of them preferring to have lace detailed veils, a high neck bodice and pearls, lots of pearls.

4. Lady Diana Spencer – 1981

In 1981, 750 million people around the globe watched the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer with Prince Charles of Wales. Diana wore her ivory silk taffeta gown created by David and Elizabeth Emanuel which featured a 25ft train.  

She set up the trend of frilly necklines, puffy sleeves and shades of white in gowns. 

5. Kate Middleton – 2011

Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen wedding gown was created by Sarah Burton. The use of elegant lace that created beautiful arm detailing and neckline brought out the structure of her neck. 

Now sheer lace is used around the areas of waist, cuffs and the gown skirts with different tulles and sparkles to create an array of rhythm. 

6. Meghan Markle – 2018

Meghan Markle’s dress by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy inspired copies overnight. Her dress defined a new wave of simplicity and rawness. 

Her gown inspired incorporation of silk taffeta, duchess silk and also velvet in bridal gowns.


Over the years, many things have influenced how our bridal gowns look like today.

A little silhouette to the ripped lace, luscious silks and the moonlight sparkles that move with you. Whatever your personality is, a gown nonetheless is not just an outfit. But a little girl’s dream, a vision of a beautiful woman and the soft glimmer of a happily forever wrapped into one.

What is Mulberry Silk?

Silk that’s been known for luxury, elegance, and refinement. Among the various types of silk available, Mulberry silk stands out as the most sought-after and cherished variety. Known for its unparalleled quality and exquisite texture, Mulberry silk has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts, interior designers, and connoisseurs of fine textiles around the world.

The Origins of Mulberry Silk:

Mulberry silk comes from the silkworm Bombyx mori, which exclusively feeds on the leaves of mulberry trees. This special diet results in silk fibers that are finer, smoother, and more lustrous compared to other silk varieties. The meticulous process of raising silkworms, harvesting their cocoons, and transforming the delicate fibers into luxurious textiles has been passed down through generations, preserving the artistry and craftsmanship associated with Mulberry silk.

Unparalleled Softness and Luster:

What sets Mulberry silk apart is its unmatched softness and natural luster. The fibers are incredibly fine, allowing for a lightweight and delicate fabric that drapes beautifully. The silk’s natural sheen adds a touch of opulence to any garment or home accessory it adorns. Whether it’s a flowing evening gown, a silk scarf, or sumptuous bedding, Mulberry silk exudes an aura of sophistication.

Breathability and Comfort:

One of the remarkable qualities of Mulberry silk is its breathability. The fabric is highly breathable and can regulate temperature, making it suitable for both warm and cool weather. This natural thermal property ensures a comfortable and cozy experience, whether you’re wearing a Mulberry silk blouse during summer or sleeping under a Mulberry silk duvet in winter.

Endless Applications:

Mulberry silk’s versatility extends to its applications. From haute couture fashion to elegant home textiles, the possibilities are limitless. Designers appreciate its ability to hold vibrant dyes, resulting in rich and lasting colors. Its soft touch and luxurious appearance have made it a staple in the creation of bridal gowns, evening-wear, and formal attire.

Caring for Mulberry Silk:

To preserve the beauty and longevity of Mulberry silk, proper care is essential. Hand washing or using a delicate cycle in cold water with a gentle detergent is recommended. Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric, as this can damage the delicate fibers. Hang or lay flat to dry, away from direct sunlight. Ironing should be done on the lowest heat setting and on the reverse side of the fabric to prevent sheen damage.

In a world where craftsmanship and quality are increasingly valued, Mulberry silk stands as a testament to the enduring allure of traditional techniques and exquisite materials. Its timeless elegance and luxurious feel continue to captivate those who appreciate the finer things in life, making it a cherished choice for those seeking to infuse their lives with beauty and refinement.

Check out our Exclusive Silk Fabric Collection to view silk options in a finer detail for your respective requirements. Enquire us and we’ll be happy to assist you! 

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Vera Wang 2024 Fall Collection

Vera Wang is known to enrapture a bride’s dream. each creation is a steadfast combination of sophistication, intricacy and exceptional craftsmanship. And the fall 2024 collection is no exception. 

It celebrates the simplicity and the romantic textures of a bridal gown. With crisp fabrics to soft florals that add an element of whimsical intricacy. 

Below are some of the most remarkable designs from the Vera Wang 2024 Fall Collection.


This beautiful gown drapes in a beautiful asymmetrical skirt with a floral assemble just below the bodice which cuts through the minimalist look and brings it all together.


elagia constitutes an all mikado gown that features a draped shoulder and a statement bow on the shoulder. The draped shoulder creates beautiful pleats and creates a sublime symmetry.


Ariza features beautiful pieces of florals with a subtle glitter can marry together in this stunning gown. The flowers scattered in different variations with just a sprinkle of glitter makes this a beautiful assemble. The tule used all over the gown really makes the flowers shine. It also comes with a detachable lining. 


Bridgerton with a fusion of fairytale. Ally consists a sweetheart neckline with a high slit and an exposed corset bodice with exposed bones. The skirt falls gracefully and bodies the slit making this a feminine and sensual piece.


Waves is a mermaid bridal dream come true. It has a draped waist with stunning pleats and also a tulle frill at the end of the gown just gives it that lift. It accentuates the curves beautifully and creates a dynamic into the dress from the sweetheart neckline to end of the gown. 


Vera Wang has managed to capture minimalism, subtlety, and raw femininity in this collection where each piece signifies a different dynamic and depth into the way they’re crafted. Whether you want solid satins or mikado gowns or delicate lace detail, tulles or gorgeous bodices. The fall collection ticks all the boxes.

We have a wide range of silks and satins available. We also accept customised requests for any particular fabric that you may desire. Enquire us now to get similar fabric requirement. 

All the photographs are taken from the official Vera Wang Bride website.

Is White the New Trendsetter?

Some think of it as a blank canvas and some think  of it as well- blank. For what it’s worth, the colour white is far from the mundane and is now glorified into the exquisite world of couture.

White now is not only seen on beautiful brides who are about to colour their way of life but the colour has now taken the fashion world by storm.

The tones of white

White has become than just the colour, with different variations of it can be seen slaying the runway. With combinations of cream, pearl, off-white, silver and softer golds are making their way into the ladder. The white colour palette is huge with very minor differences so separating them and keeping each colours best qualities intact becomes a delicate process.

Show-stopping brides

The most prominent colour for Indian brides is red but now stunning brides are draped in white for a timeless and elegant look. From lahengas to sarees. White has now taken the bridal world by storm with new collections being launched by high-end designers that make the runways brighter with allure. 

Pairing white with a statement jewellery makes the entire look supremely enchanting. Pearls, emeralds are the most common ones used.

White has now become a beautiful soft colour for bridesmaids too and is being used for various occasions- not just weddings. 

It’s raining with bling 

White is not considered boring by any means with beautiful mirror work, pearls, sequins and softer laces, makes the final piece so beautifully elevated. As with white the possibilities are endless. 

Subtlety in opulent elegance 

White has now become vividly popular for Co-Od sets and even summer dresses. Despite being popular for being used as slip dresses in the nineties, it has come a long way since then by gracing the runway with different patterns. 


As fashion continues to evolve, white has established itself as a prominent contender in the color palette. Its versatility, timelessness, sustainability, and potential for individuality have propelled it beyond its traditional associations. It is undoubtedly making a strong case as the new color trend in fashion. Whether it’s a symbol of simplicity, a commitment to sustainability, or a canvas for personal expression, white is here to stay, proving that it’s much more than just a fleeting trend.

Disclaimer- All the pictures provided in the article are taken from different sources on the Internet such as Pinterest and Instagram.