How to get the most out of your laces?

Do you happen to be the person who tends to have a whole bunch of lace and cut outs of different fabrics around?

Like any other materials, lace is one of the most common one which has a lot of uneven cuts lying around. But worry no more as you are about to witness how you can make the most out of your laces.

1. Create a Patchwork or a Throw

It is not limited to a throw, you can particularly make a scarf, perhaps even a stall. It can go around in two ways. You can stitch the piece of lace separately on the desired fabric or take an already made fabric, cut out a piece of it and stitch over it.

Lace is known to be a sturdy texture, so be careful which fabric you’re choosing. You might would want to layer the fabric.

2. Subtle details on Kurtas

Laces add an elegant twist to any piece it’s been used on and kurtas are no exception. Whether you want to just outline your cuffs, provide an eye to detail to your neckline or just highlight it to the ends of the kurta. Lace would bring out the grace of your attire and elevate it to the next level.

3. Gloves

Shows like Outlander and Bridgeton have made us go back to the era of corsets and silhouettes. Puffy sleeves and hats. While the costume designers have done a tremendous job with bringing the era back to existence, subtle details can be adapted from these designs and be brought back to reality.

Different elements make up an outfit. The shoes, hats, jewellery, confidence and gloves! Whether they’re till your wrists or go way up your forearms. Gloves provide a swirl of feminism to any attire. 

If they’ve got a layer of net, small lace details can bring out the look. Adding pearls and rhinestones add to its beauty. Make sure to keep it subtle.

4. Gathered Looks

Some people prefer the gathered look over others. It adds drama and gives more volume to the piece without going an extra mile.

Most  use only one colour for the entire look, incorporating different colour schemes and adding them to areas of waist, wrist, the hem to bring out the details. Gathered look are widely created by the pinch or fan method, scrunched or balled method can also be used.

5. Waist and Cuff Details

Ask us if we can provide you with an entire cutting of patch of your desired lace. Cutting the whole patch of lace and attaching it to the waist area gives it a more of a snatched look. Adding a band of lace around the cuffs gives the whole look additional elegance.

6. Veil or as a Headband

Veil is known to be what makes everything come together. Veils are highly intricate. Some like to leave it plain, some prefer to get embroidery done on them. Either way veils can make or break your gown.

Securing a lace pattern is a great way to elevate your look. Others even prefer to add a small tiara or crown. If that’s something that doesn’t sit right with you, you can consider a headband. You can keep your veil simple and heavily work on the band, vice versa if that’s what you prefer. 

7. Bedding

Apart from fashion, were you aware that you can even include laces in homemaking?

Lace bedspreads and sheets are trending like hotcakes with people aspiring to give their homes more of a European look. Don’t worry you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for your dream lace bedding.

Get some lace cuttings, they don’t need to look the same, in fact it’ll give more of a scattered look which eventually would make everything come together beautifully. After getting the cuttings, pick a sheer colour underneath and decide random places for your cuttings. Sew it together and you’ve got the most mesmerising bedding.

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Disclaimer- All the pictures used are taken from sources like Pinterest and Instagram.