Poly Fabrics: Couture Or a Disaster?

The world is changing and so are the tastes of fabrics when it comes to couture. The elite silks and delicate laces are not the only ones crowning runways. 

Poly fabrics have taken the world by storm and not just in terms of clothing. Poly fabrics are deemed to be of inferior quality which is far from the case now. Fabrics now in use tend to have a ‘mixed fabric ratio’ on their labels which has a percentage of poly material or are labelled to be 100% poly material. These fabrics are to be easy to take care of in terms of washing, ironing and even storing. And of course the quality is no exception with each wash considering the wear and tear of the fabric. 

Poly fabrics now grace the catwalk of many haute couture designers and boutiques today. Synthetic fabric that has the feel of silk, such as organza, duchess satin, crepe, georgette and the list goes on. These fabrics are cool to the body and don’t cause discomfort when come in contact with natural human body heat. 

With stunning evening ball gowns to exceptionally radiant evening dresses, it’s a beautiful fabric that’s breathable against the skin whilst being totally show-stoppable.

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Disclaimer- All the pictures provided in the article are taken from different sources on the Internet such as Pinterest and Instagram.